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How did Stepifi reduce the staffing agency use in Frogner with over 40% in only three months?


The Struggles

  • Frogner needed a tool to help them get control over the supply staff situation.

  • They spent in average 30 min per day, per leader, per kindergarten to resolve the situation.

  • They wanted the best supply staff to work cross different kindergartens to get better quality of work.

  • The city area wanted a joint recruitment process cross all kindergartens.

  • It was political pressure to reduce the use of staffing agencies in the municipality.


What could Stepifi do?

  • Better insight and control by implementing Stepifi Insight Dashboards

  • Save time when booking resources by implementing the Stepifi Smart App

  • Make sure the best resources worked in several kindergartens by implementing the Stepifi Digital Resource Pool

  • The total consequence of using Stepifi will reduce staffing agency use


The pilot

Started the pilot with six kindergartens from August 2018 to November 2018

Great feedback from managers – the service is super user friendly!

Successful onboarding of all users

The best supply staff are used the most (80 of -20 rule)

All the kindergartens now have their private pool of supply staff


Stepifi worked so well that the Frogner choose to implement the service for all kindergartens.


Full implemantation

Rolled Stepifi out to all kindergartens (19) in February 2019

Great feedback from all managers

Less then 20 support tickets

Over 4500 hours booked in the first six months

Almost 80 resources now in their private pool

Reduced the time of booking with 95%


Stepifi is working as planned. Stepifi is now the primary tool for booking temps in the city area.



Started the joint recruitment in April 2019

Received 20+ applications the first week

Frogner doubled their pool size in 3 months

Distributing interviews to all kindergartens saves time


Joint recruitment has been a tremendous success 🙌

The Stepifi effect

95% reduction in time getting supply staff

40%+ reduction of staffing agency use

Better quality cross all kindergartens

Role based insight gives better control

Joint recruitment is working great


 Next Step? 

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