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The ultimate staffing tool

Build and scale your private staffing marketplace




Digital Recruitment

Employees come and go - how can you solve this? With our recruitment tool you can fill your private pool whenever you need to.


Complete Insight

Based on all your requests Stepifi provides full insight. You may filter og find out who worked the most, reasons for work and much more.


Effective Booking

With our app, the booking process is done in a matter of seconds. Our smart app guides you through a easy to understand booking process.

Feedback from customers


Teglverket School

Stepifi makes it possible to resolve the staffing situation internally first, giving us better quality in class sessions. The logistics are now much easier, in fact so good that we spend less money on temps then before. Getting temps are no longer the schools Achilles heel. Hurray!
— Elisabeth Palmgren

Temp in Stepifi

I think Stepifi is a great tool. Stepifi gives me a great overview over all requests and tasks. Stepifi makes planning of my day much easier and more effective which has a positive effect on the workplace environment.
— Mari Gårderløkken

Monolitten Kindergarten

With Stepifi I use less time handling substitute staff. Stepifi gives me full control over available resources for any given day and requests can be sent in a matter of seconds. Now we finally can use resources cross several kindergartens and they best temps get to work more.
— John Marius Arlund

Some of our customers