Work faster, save money and improve your customer relationships with Stepifi


At supply agencies the phone is constantly ringing. Desperate customers, in need of resources, are calling all hours of the day – and your job is to help them. With Stepifi you can easily remove all unnecessary phone calls and digitally connect your customer directly to your supply pool.

Stepifi provides you with a smart digital solution, removes bottlenecks, hotlines and slow processes, and last but not least gives you the possibility for a new line of income.   


Working with a digital supply pool


Supply agencies all say the same thing: the customer is the challenge – customers struggles with digital tools. Solving this has been our main focus when developing Stepifi. The entire platform is set up with the end user in mind. We guide you through the funnel in stages – you can't go wrong. Everything is based on sound logic and real user needs.

How to get started?

1)      We onboard you onto the platform, invite users and train all admins

2)      You can add your own customers – we will help you with the first two

3)      Offer your customers to solve their resource issues internally before reaching out to your digital supply pool

4)      We offer white labeling


Advantages for everyone involved

Agency administrator


As an agency administrator, you'll have access to useful statistics, such as which customers booked which resources, at what times, and for which reasons. You can see numbers for each customers, as well as aggregated statistics for all your customers in a given time span. These insights will help you save time and money, and you'll be in full control of your resource use at all times.



As customer, you'll have access to a user-friendly app where you can book resources directly. You will have live insight of who is available, and you can filter by skills to find the perfect match. Remove yourself as a bottleneck and add trusted colleagues to help you book resources you need. Having up-to-date statistics and a complete overview, you'll find that managing resources is fast and easy.

supply pool resource


As a resource, you'll receive requests for work directly from the customer. You'll get all the info you need directly in the app, and you'll be able to chat with the customer. With push notifications you'll never miss an important request, and you'll be able to quickly respond. Best of all: time sheets are automatically logged and saved.

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