About Stepifi


Anders B. Hovden Founder & CEO

We launched Stepifi in 2017 as a single app with the hope to revolutionize the staffing situation in the school vertical. We immediately experienced a larger demand for the Stepifi solution and started on our journey that has taken us where we are today – A digital HR Agency.

With Stepifi the HR department now finally can work smarter with resources they already have. Stepifi makes sure the booking from locations within the same organization will result in a more efficient resource utilization. With features like digital pool and digital performance assessment we reduce time consuming processes to a bare minimum.
When you no longer are “forced” to buy staff from costly staffing agencies, but in fact are solving the situation yourself using the Stepifi platform, amazing advantages will occur. Increased quality of work, better competence internally and building of your business culture internally.

Our vision is to make it effortless to get hold of qualified staff, make it seamless to be booked for work. Doesn’t really matter if you work part time of full time – the booking process is the same. Just gather all your resources in a digital pool and Stepifi will take care of the logistics and communication.

Are you ready to work more efficient with your staff?

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